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Based in Chicago, IL, Verde Solutions provides innovative consultation for clients that want to improve their energy efficiency and save money. We specialize in energy efficient technology and consulting services. Our team of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers (CEM) and LEED certified consultants is dedicated to fostering close relationships with our clients, to quickly meet their needs. We provide businesses, institutions, and municipalities with knowledge and equipment that ensures a ‘brighter’ future.

  …our LED lighting systems use 50-80% less energy and last 3x longer than traditional lighting…  

Why Verde?

Your distinctive energy needs deserve Verde’s full suite of energy efficiency offerings. Verde has unique relationships with suppliers and access to rebates and grants that we use to save you the most money possible. We also offer financing with 0% down that allows for energy projects to be paid for using the energy savings. This means new equipment with no money out-of-pocket. We also offer extended 10 year parts and labor warranties, assuring your facility will pay $0 maintenance on all Verde equipment for 10 years. After completing a free assessment of your space, Verde will work closely with you to meet your needs with our custom retrofits.




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Environmental Impact

We created Verde Solutions to help make a difference for the world we’ll leave to our children. Arguably the best aspect of LED lighting systems is their reduced impact on the environment. Besides the fact that they require far less power to operate, LEDs also do not use a filament or harmful gases. Instead, lighting is achieved by the flow of electrons across semiconductors. Most other lighting technologies use toxic levels of harmful gases, such as mercury, in combination with a filament to produce light. This limits the environmental impact of an LED to production processes and its minimal power requirement.

Since LEDs have a long lifetime and do not contain harmful gases, disposal is quite easy. All light sources that use harmful gases must be carefully disposed of to make sure that the gases do not get into the atmosphere. That usually means that they must be taken to a special recycling facility. On the other hand, LEDs can currently be safely disposed of in a regular landfill. Combined with the lifetime, disposal of LEDs is safe, easy, and infrequent. That beats the disposal of most other lights, which is a hassle, relatively frequent, and potentially dangerous if done wrong.


Your local utility wants your business to be more efficient and offer a host of incentives and rebates to offset efficiency projects. Verde Solutions is a qualified trade ally with major utilities across the Midwest including:
- Comed
- Nipsco
- Focus on Energy

To find out more about utility incentives in your area, please visit or email

  …LEDs require far less power to operate, and do not use a filament or harmful gases…  


Verde Solutions understands paying for a project out of your capital budget isn’t always the best option for your business’ cash flow. We offer energy efficiency financing to provide you with the lowest possible rates and flexible payback times.

Why Finance?
- Financing your new energy equipment gives your business the most flexibility in controlling cash flow
- Dividing your equipment costs into monthly payments allows the energy savings from the equipment to pay for themselves
- No money down, and when combined with the energy savings, usually results in positive monthly cash flow
- Equal tax benefits as a capital purchase

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