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Energy Audits

Verde Solutions works diligently to find the right energy solutions for your business. The most important step in this is the Energy Audit performed by one of our highly qualified engineers. Verde Solutions offers two tiers of energy audits to identify all possible factors for increased energy performance.

Level I Audit

A level I audit is the basic walkthrough for all clients free of charge and is designed around ASHRAE level I audit standards. The objective of a level I audit is to identify all visual energy loads and provide a savings-to-cost analysis of possible upgrades. The assessment is intended to give a baseline view into the buildings current energy loads, providing a key start into identifying the most beneficial energy improvement areas.

Level II Audit

A level II audit provides a more detailed building survey and energy analysis and is designed around ASHRAE level II audit standards. An in-depth analysis is taken of energy use to identify all major loads, peak hours and demand patterns. This allows for the identification of key consumption areas that show the greatest opportunity for work. Depending on the type of systems a building has the audit will include a variety of diagnostic testing, including:
- Steady State efficiency testing
- Lighting level assessment (Photometric analysis, Foot candle readings, Power density)
- Air flow and temperature measurements
- Water Flow and temperature measurements
- Building envelope heat gain and loss calculations
- Electrical testing (Wire transfer efficiency, Voltage loss readings, Resistance readings)
The level II audit requires the use of more sophisticated equipment to be able to track and analyze energy use data. This service will require an upfront payment, to be determined by the needs of each individual client. The intitial fee will be reimbursed once a contract for an energy efficiency project is signed.

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