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LED Solutions

Benefits Of LED

Today, light can do so much more than brighten our path. It can lighten our impact on the environment. Make our parking lots more secure. Or boost the productivity of our workspaces. Innovative LED lighting solutions help business owners make a powerful impact on their energy and cost savings

Lighting & Building Control - LED Lighting


Save Money

  • Reduced Energy costs upto 80%
  • Extended lifecycle of 50,000 hour or more
  • Durability and resistant breakage
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Save Time

  • Instant on – switch on at 100% brightness instantly
  • Controllability – dimmable to within 0.50% of light output
  • Rapid cycling – lifespan is unaffected by switching on and off
  • High performance in cold temperatures
St. Petersburg Police department - Case Studies - Verde Solutions


Impact the Planet

  • Illuminate without the toxic mercury found in Fluorescent and CFL
  • Emits zero IR or UV radiation
  • Reduces CO2 emissions