Solar Solutions Chicago



Companies with high peak electricity demand can benefit from the long-term energy self-sufficiency that solar solutions provider. The ability to lock in electrical rates at today’s pricing eliminates the costs associated with increasing rates. Solar systems also produce electricity for companies well beyond the ROI.

Our solar solutions:

  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Solar Structures
  • Peak Demand Reduction Strategies

It’s Time to Go Solar

Demand is rising, costs are dropping and federal & state incentives allow businesses to start saving money immediately!

Developing and owning a solar energy system is more feasible and rewarding than ever.

  • Federal Government Tax Credit
  • MACRS Depreciation Incentive
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Clean Renewable Energy
  • customized energy solutions

  • save on Utilities Bills

  • Achieve Energy independence

Go Green. Get Ahead.

Benefits of Solar

  • LOWER COST PER kWh Reduce electricity costs immediately & protect against future price increases.
  • NO INVESTMENT With a solar energy plan, upfront costs are not required.
  • NO MAINTENANCE With a Power Purchase agreement (PPA), a solar system is fully maintained to ensure hassle-free solar energy for years to come.
  • NO RISK If energy is not produced – you don’t pay. There is absolutely no risk to your business.
  • YOU CAN OWN IT Options to buy out a plan early are available and at the end of the plan you will own the system & save even more.