Energy Solutions - Rebates, Incentives & Financing Options

Rebates and Incentives

Verde Solutions is partners with more than 120 utility companies across the nation. This network allows us to process rebates for every solution (prescriptive, performance-based and custom). In addition, we can often take the rebates in lieu of payment, this ensures maximum protections and accountability. Plus we do this for free, unlike most incentive management companies.

  • American Electric Power
  • First energy
  • Comed
  • Xcel Energy
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Finance & Accounting

Verde Solutions has access to attractive financing options across a myriad of financing plans. By structuring financing specific to our client’s needs, we can often provide solutions without capital investment.

Beyond the various financing methods available, Verde Solutions can fully manage the IRS deduction and investment tax credit process – working directly with your in-house or outsourced accounting team.

Rebates & Incentives on All Energy Solutions - Verde Solution Chicago
  • 179d Tax Deductions
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Self Generation Credits