10 Reasons You Can Afford Solar power

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Solar Power

Solar energy is an excellent way for companies to save money on their energy needs. However, many people are put off by solar solutions because they feel that the initial expense is too high. Although they know they will save money long-term, people fear solar energy will take a long time to gain a return on their investment. Fortunately, solar solutions are a lot more affordable than people realize. Take a look at these reasons you’re more likely to be able to afford solar solutions than you think.

1. Solar Will Save You Money

It’s important to keep in mind that solar solutions will save your business money. If your business has high energy needs, harnessing solar power will reduce your bills. Not only will you be able to use solar energy to power your business, but you can also save with your energy company by selling energy back to them.

2. Costs Are Dropping

Many people think of solar solutions as being prohibitively expensive.  However, the costs of installing and maintaining solar equipment are dropping. Like any technology, solar tech is becoming more affordable to make and sell as time goes on. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that solar isn’t within your budget because prices are dropping day by day.

3. Federal and State Incentives Are Available

Federal and state incentives to use solar energy and other types of renewable energy are making solar solutions more attractive solution for many businesses. Many states are trying hard to encourage businesses to go green. With the right incentives, you can save money and make it more affordable

4. No Upfront Costs

The initial cost of solar solutions is what scares off many potential investors. However, there is no need to pay any upfront costs. When you choose a solar energy plan, there are no upfront costs necessary. You can get what you need installed right away and avoid having to make an initial investment that will take years to recoup.

5. Solar Energy Plans Spread Costs

Solar energy plans help to make the financing of using solar energy much more simple. You can spread the costs of the equipment so that the expenses are more manageable. If you’re ready to own your system outright, you can buy out the plan at any time. You can also keep paying until the end of the plan when you will own the system and continue to save money.

6. No Need to Pay If No Energy Is Produced

If no energy is produced by your system, there’s no need to pay for it. Verde Solutions helps to protect you by only charging when your solar system is producing energy. This means that there is no risk to your business and you can benefit from solar energy without having to worry about your finances.

7. Maintenance Is Included in Your Plan

With our solar energy financing solutions, you don’t need to pay extra for maintenance. All maintenance is included in your financing plan, so it will all be taken care of for you. You can enjoy solar energy for years without having to engage in the hassle of keeping the equipment in good condition or even learning how it works.

8. Rebates Are Available

When you use our solar energy consulting services, you can benefit from our partnerships with a number of energy companies. We’ve partnered with over 120 companies across the country so that you can receive rebates on the energy your solar system produces. We can take rebates in lieu of payment, making your solar system even more affordable. Unlike other solar consulting firms, we do this for free.

9. Tax Deductions

Tax deductions and tax credits are available for businesses who want to use solar energy solutions. Verde Solutions can help you to handle these, making your accounting a lot easier. We can work with your accounting team to take the effort out of securing deductions and tax credits.

10. Get Financing to Meet Your Needs

Our energy efficiency consulting services and financial plans are designed to meet your needs. Each business is treated individually to ensure you get a finance plan that works for your company. We can provide solutions that don’t require capital investment with custom financing.

Solar solutions are much more affordable than you might think. With no upfront costs to worry about, your business could benefit in a number of ways.

About Verde Solutions

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