Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Using Solar + Storage to Unlock Value Across the Electricity Network

Today, the electricity industry is facing a number of challenges with consumers demanding cleaner, more reliable, and affordable power. Adopting solar with energy storage has been part of the strategy for many organizations looking to manage energy costs by offsetting demand charges.

Commercial battery storage, when used in conjunction with renewable technologies such as a commercial solar system, will help manage and protect your business from the fluctuating energy costs. With the savings made from installing commercial battery storage, organizations can invest in their growing businesses.

A New Approach to Sustainable Energy

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Meet your organization’s sustainability goals and strengthen corporate social responsibility by offsetting grid consumption.

Generate Revenue

Monetize existing infrastructure by transforming your roof, extra ground space, or parking lot into a source of energy generation. Sell excess renewable energy to the grid through programs like net metering.

Improve Reliability

The cost of energy outages continues to rise. Energy storage can provide backup power during these inevitable disruptions.

How Verde Helps

The integration of solar technology with an energy storage solution takes a high degree of experience and knowledge. Verde works with you to create tailored solutions based on your operational needs, enabling cost-effective storage distribution and utilization of energy where and when it’s needed most. From initial consultation to design, installation, system operation and maintenance services, we serve as a turnkey resource that simplifies the entire process for you. In addition, Verde will help you to identify affordable financing options, including tax credits.

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