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Is a Solar Storage Battery System a Wise Investment?

Have you heard some hype about a solar storage battery system and wonder if it’s the best option for you? Is it worth the investment, or is it another fad that will pass soon? The Verde Solutions team compiled this brief introduction to solar battery storage to answer these questions and many more.

What is Battery Storage?

What is Battery Storage?

Battery energy storage is the next step in reducing our reliance on the fast-diminishing supplies of fossil fuels. Renewable energy allowed us to start our journey, but we needed a way to ensure a consistent power supply.

Solar panels or wind turbines generate copious amounts of clean energy under the right conditions. However, users still need to connect to the grid in case of inclement weather or a lull in the wind.

Batteries provide a guard against these lulls by storing the excess power your system produces in ideal conditions. This backup ensures that you reduce, if not replace, your reliance on fossil fuels. It also allows you to earn an income consistently by adding energy back onto the grid.

This, in turn, reduces society’s reliance on fossil fuels overall. Eventually, they will become obsolete and clean energy will be the norm.

What is Battery Storage?

How Exactly do Battery Energy Storage Solutions Work?

A solar storage battery system is far more complex than the batteries that power your child’s toys. The units that power your children’s toys hold a charge that wears out relatively quickly. Unless you buy the more expensive type, you cannot recharge them.

Solar panel batteries form part of an intelligent system in your home or business. The hub monitors your energy:

  • Production levels
  • Usage
  • Storage capacity
  • Excesses

It monitors when to:

  • Recharge the batteries
  • Release energy back into your system to supplement your usage during peak periods
  • Sell excess power back to the grid
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A Solar Storage Battery System for Your Business: Is It Worth the Cost?

A decent solar storage battery system represents a significant capital expenditure. There’s no way around that, but it’s worth considering the long-term benefits of this investment. By investing in solar batteries, your business:

  • Acquires an asset that will pay for itself over a few years
  • Protects itself from unforeseen energy expenditure due to inclement weather
  • Ensures a consistent power supply, enabling planned expansion
  • Develops a new income source by selling power back to the grid

Storage battery systems are far more affordable now than they ever have been. Verde Solutions ensures that switching over makes sense for your business by conducting a complete, free energy audit, and discussing the benefits of solar battery solutions in terms of profitability, sustainability, public relations, and corporate social responsibility.

Our experts will walk you through every step of the installation and maintenance process and assist you with affordable financing options. We design the ideal system for your business with an eye on future growth and expansion capacity later, ensuring that your battery energy storage system will remain relevant as your business needs change.

Why are Storage Battery Systems Important, and What are their Benefits?

Solar panels ensure that your home or business can access free, renewable energy. This saves you a fair amount of money and reduces your carbon footprint. You may choose to run solar panels with or without batteries.

However, solar batteries are a crucial part of going off-grid. While you can harvest the sun’s power without them, having them has significant benefits.

Free Backup Energy on Cloudy Days

Free Backup Energy on Cloudy Days

Battery systems keep you going during cloudy or rainy weather. You need batteries if your home or business is in an area where the rainy season means days without seeing the sun. This is less of an issue in sunny climates, but it still bears consideration.

A Defense Against Solar Panel Failure

A Defense Against Solar Panel Failure

Solar panels are durable and built to withstand the elements. However, nothing is impervious to harm. Panels might break, cells fail, or even go missing. The loss of even one unit can significantly impact your energy production capacity.

With a battery, you’ll have power stored while fixing your broken panels. For a home, this can prove disastrous. For a business, this could mean costly production delays.

Protection from Power Price Increases

Protection from Power Price Increases

The alternative to battery storage on cloudy days is buying electricity from the grid at the current rate. Ad hoc rates might also prove more expensive, as you’re not a regular consumer. You also have less negotiating power as you are no longer on a fixed-rate contract.

Automatic Power Management

Automatic Power Management

One of the primary benefits of installing a smart battery system is that it runs itself. The hub takes over the tedious tasks of ensuring that you always have the optimal energy supply. You can even set it to automatically sell the excess your panels produce at an excellent market-based rate..

However, most people overlook that the hubs also detect and alert you to abnormal power consumption. Increasing power use could indicate inefficiencies or problems with systems like HVACs, machinery, and major appliances.

Work With Us for Customized Solar Battery Solutions

Contact Verde Solutions today for a free audit of your existing energy management system. Our team provides an honest cost-benefit analysis of installing the best battery for solar power and your customized storage system.

We then walk you through the long-term benefits of investing in our tailormade solar storage battery system and how it will help you adapt to your changing energy needs.