EV Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Solutions for  Commercial Properties

Our innovative design team pairs high-quality electric vehicle charging solutions with a forward-thinking attitude to maximize your investment now and in the future. We incorporate your long-term goals into our plans to ensure that you can easily upgrade your system’s capacity as your needs change.

The EV Charging Station Installation Process

We make the process as simple as possible by:

  • Basing our advice on a comprehensive energy audit and discussion of your needs, eligibility, and potential incentives
  • Checking your home’s electrical panel to confirm you have the space and capacity for a unit
  • Guiding you in choosing the right EV charging station for your home
  • Applying for the appropriate permit
  • Planning every detail of the installation so that it happens smoothly
  • Setting up a convenient time for installation
  • Working with a top team of electricians to meet all quality and safety codes
  • Ensuring your 100% satisfaction
  • Assisting you with claiming rebates for which you qualify

Commercial EV Charging

Our Commercial EV Charging Solutions

We supply electric vehicle charging station design and development for various properties, including:

  • Hotels
  • Garages
  • Multi-resident properties
  • Office complexes
  • Parking lots
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls

Speak to us about turnkey solutions to suit your needs and your budget. We ensure that our units are compatible with all-electric vehicles and adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

Why You Should Install a Commercial EV Charger

How do these units benefit you as a business? The advantages depend primarily on the field you operate within but may include:

  • Being a convenient staff perk that improves productivity and loyalty at a low cost to the company
  • Enhancing your company’s brand image
  • Helping you achieve your sustainability goals
  • The future is fossil-fuel-free; adjusting now lessens the risk of an expensive last-minute switchover
  • Networked EV charging is a valuable incentive to cost-conscious drivers and visitors
  • Hotels may use this amenity to appeal to a higher-value client
  • Potential tenants will view this amenity as a must-have as electric vehicles become the norm
  • Shoppers at malls or retailers will stay longer and visit more frequently to use these facilities
  • A parking garage will attract more loyal clients

Pairing these EV charging station solutions with a solar-powered carport might improve the return on your investment. Find out about the specific benefits to your organization after we conduct your free energy audit.

Which EV Solution Is Right for You?

There is no one option that we can recommend without discussing your unique business needs.

Why Work with Verde Solutions as EV Charging Station Installers?

We’re one of the country’s top EV charging station installers because we’re:

  • Innovative: Our designers opt for function and style to enhance your return on investment. We work towards our sustainability goals by ensuring that your project meets your current and future needs.
  • Reliable: Planning is everything to our business model. Instead of relying on hype, we deliver on our promises by sticking to timelines and your budget.
  • Leading green energy experts: We’ve served thousands of commercial and business clients over the last twenty years. We hire only the best talent for our team to provide you with the best advice and service.

Add a Solar-Powered Carport to Your Charging Station

Could a solar-powered carport prove a solid investment to go along with your electric vehicle charging stations? Let your Verde Solutions consultant work out if the financial incentives make it worth your while.

Contact Verde Solutions for Your Free Energy Audit Today

Does it make sense for you to invest in EV charger installation? Contact Verde Solutions for your free energy audit to find out. Your consultant can then discuss the costs of EV charging solutions and whether you’ll benefit through installation in the long term.