Solar Energy Project Financing Solutions

As a company dedicated to making solar energy affordable, finding the ideal ownership model for our clients is critical. We examine government and utility incentives, project goals, and budget to maximize long-term utility savings with simple solar financing solutions.

Commercial Solar Financing Options

Cash & Loans

With direct purchase, our clients own their solar systems and pay either cash or secure a loan. When organizations or companies own their solar energy equipment, they can take advantage of all available clean energy incentives, such as the federal tax credit, bonus depreciation, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and utility specific rebates. Taking advantage of these programs boosts the return on investment and shortens the payback period.

Solar manufacturer warranties protect from defects and equipment failure. Although direct purchase requires an upfront investment, it usually results in more significant long-term utility savings.


Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) allow organizations and companies to reduce operating expenses with no money down. Clients purchase clean energy from the solar power system without owning the equipment, paying for the solar panels, or being responsible for upkeep and maintenance.

Solar PPAs are also an excellent hedge against electricity rate hikes and result in instant savings. This financing model is especially appealing for non-profit organizations, schools, and municipalities that are looking to utilize their capital expenditure budget for other projects.



Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an innovative financing tool that enables property owners to secure 100% financing for solar energy systems, energy-efficiency upgrades, and electric vehicle chargers. It features a long-term fixed interest rate, and most projects are cash-flow positive in year one due to reductions in operating expenses.

Although the details vary by location, typically, both new construction and existing projects are eligible. Property owners then pay over time through a voluntary assessment, which is attached to the property, rather than an individual, organization, or company.


Our clients can enjoy the benefits of solar power with no upfront investment through a solar lease. The solar lease provides no debt financing, resulting in instant cost savings from the time of installation. With solar leases, organizations and companies lease the equipment itself and take advantage of unused space on roofs, parking lots, or plots of land. In addition, financing partners take the responsibility for system maintenance and repairs.

Often, solar leases are a good option when an organization doesn’t have the tax liability to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit and bonus depreciation or doesn’t have the capital for direct purchase. Solar energy leases provide protection from electricity rate hikes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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There are many financing options that make a solar investment affordable. Verde Solutions will work with you to understand your financing options.

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