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Verde Solutions is a premiere U.S. company offering affordable, reliable, turnkey sustainable energy solutions. We provide commercial solar installation, battery storage, EV charging & other energy solutions. Our goal is to bring the future of electricity to your business or commercial property today.

With more than 300 satisfied clients all over the country, Verde Solutions has worked in different industries with the same passion and dedication. Whether we’re creating an EV charging station for your business, or creating a solar financing plan for your commercial property, we guarantee your satisfaction in all our projects. We use only the best materials and renewable energy technologies because our clients deserve the best.

We have main offices in Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. However, our team of dedicated contractors will travel to your commercial property to bring you personalized service and our undivided attention.




A solar system can support companies with high peak electricity demand by providing a self sufficient solution that’s sustainable and cost efficient. The Verde Solutions team helps clients navigate federal and state incentives for solar, and to also design and install renewable, clean energy systems to save money while helping the environment.


Battery Storage


Rechargeable battery systems are a key component of solar systems. These batteries store energy from solar arrays or the electrical grid to provide energy anytime-day or night. Solar batteries have advanced intelligent software to coordinate and optimize usage.


EV Charging


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are rapidly growing as more consumers opt for electric vehicles. Our sustainability-focused team will design EV charging stations for any type of facility, from Level 1 residential EV Charging to Level III/Fast Charge Commercial EV Charging.

Solar Financing

There are many financing options that make a solar investment affordable. Verde Solutions will work with you to understand your financing options.

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