Grace Rasmussen

As an engineer, Ms. Grace Rasmussen evaluates, designs, and executes renewable energy projects. Her role includes creating optimum solar designs and layouts, drafting proposals, and identifying project financing opportunities for commercial, municipal, and residential clients. From the preliminary design phase to commercial operations, Ms. Rasmussen collaborates with the operations team on project execution.

She joined Verde Solutions with experience as a piping engineer, where she led the design of piping systems for refinery, process, chemical, and pharmaceutical clients. In addition, Ms. Rasmussen holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University. While studying abroad, she became interested in sustainability, which led her to develop a career in green energy solutions. In her spare time, Ms. Rasmussen enjoys reading and gardening.

Marcus Gunyon

Mr. Marcus Gunyon is a dedicated Renewables Engineer with a proven track record in system design, project management, and engineering coordination. With a solid foundation in mechanical engineering and valuable experience in both regional utilities and infrastructure projects, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project he undertakes.

Mr. Gunyon began his career at ComEd, where he spent two years in the regional engineering department as a design engineer. Following his time at ComEd, he transitioned to Entrust Solutions Group, where he served as a senior design engineer for pipeline substations. Mr. Gunyon holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys staying active through running, camping, and climbing.

Justin Jung

As a Renewable Energy Project Engineer, Mr. Justin Jung has a passion for sustainable energy solutions. With a robust background in electrical engineering, he brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to his role.

In his current capacity, Mr. Jung is responsible for the evaluation, design, and execution of renewable energy projects, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability. His previous experience as a project engineer in the generator and switchgear market has provided him with a strong foundation to seamlessly transition into the solar market, where he continues to excel.

Mr. Jung holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan Technological University. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the workplace. In his free time, he is an avid runner, finding solace and inspiration on the trails. He also enjoys watching MMA matches and indulging in his passion for sneaker collecting.

Jason Stutzman

Mr. Jason Stutzman creates strategic partnerships that drive sales and new ventures. He introduces Verde Solution’s services to new sales agents and provides training to encourage their success. In addition, Mr. Stutzman gathers information to qualify and submit opportunities in the team’s project queue.

He joins Verde Solutions with over 20 years of experience working with clients from all industry sectors to discover and implement unique solutions for their businesses. Mr. Stutzman has experience promoting growth and success and has managed several sales teams. He holds a bachelor of science from Illinois State University and has taken leadership courses from Manhattan Supply Company. In his free time, Mr. Stutzman enjoys spending time in nature with his wife and three daughters.

Matt Stoltz

Mr. Matthew Stoltz is a seasoned professional serving as a Senior Project Developer where he excels in facilitating discussions surrounding solar energy solutions for clients and businesses. With a focus on delivering both financial and environmental benefits, Matthew leverages his expertise to guide conversations that result in tailored energy solutions.

Mr. Stoltz brings a wealth of experience to his role, showcasing a proven track record of management and organizational excellence across various domains. His background includes spearheading fundraising capital campaigns for organizations throughout the Midwest, as well as prior experience in the front office of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Mr. Stoltz holds an undergraduate degree in Community and Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, complemented by a Master’s degree in Business Management from Avila University. Beyond his professional endeavors, Matthew enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain exploration, trail running, and biking.

Mariella Treleven

Ms. Mariella Treleven is a Project Developer specializing in solar energy solutions. With a background in residential solar sales and sales management, Ms. Treleven excels in identifying and prospecting new business opportunities while educating clients on the benefits of solar energy for their businesses. She guides clients seamlessly from initial inquiry to successful project completion, leveraging her expertise and dedication to sustainable practices.

Ms. Treleven holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Environmental Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys playing the piano, attending live music events, gardening with her father, and spending quality time with her son, Jack.

Dan Meyer

Mr. Dan Meyer is the Director of Sustainability and National Strategic Accounts Manager for Verde Solutions. He has a strong passion for helping clients build on existing and new ESG programs that align with their corporate and sustainability objectives, turning them into actionable results. He also oversees a team of energy and solar professionals that work with clients to create renewable energy systems while educating on the benefits of solar-powered equipment. Mr. Meyer has held previous leadership roles in solar, sales, and operations, among others. His certifications include ESG Reporting Masterclass, Sustainability Reporting Practitioner, and Project Management Professional (PMP). By combining his interest for the outdoors and community service, he earned a rank of Eagle Scout and a Wilderness First Aid Instructor award. Mr. Meyer has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business & Marketing from Le Moyne College and is active in GoFarm, a nonprofit with a mission to train and support local farmers.