Midway Airport - 73% Energy Savings -Verde Solutions Case Study

Rebate incentives covered 70% of Midway Concessionaires’ total project cost.

  • Business Type


  • Location

    5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638

  • Project Type

    Lighting Retrofit

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Project Snapshot

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  • Total Project


  • Incentive


  • Reduction in Lighting Energy Consumption


  • Eliminated CO2 Gasoline Emissions

    64,046 gallons

  • Return on Investment

    8 months

  • Total Annual Cost Savings


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Grab a meal at Chicago’s Miller’s Pub, a Chicago style hot-dog at Gold Coast Dogs, or just one of your favorites at McDonalds. Midway’s terminal has everything you could want, from a healthy snack to keep you going to a guilty pleasure while you wait. Tour your Concourse for a restaurant or check out the food court at the Midway Boulevard (located just past security at the entrance to Concourses A, B, and C).

Midway Airport - 73% Energy Savings -Verde Solutions Case Study


Verde Solutions, LLC recommended an LED retrofit for Midway Concessionaires with a one-time cost of $92,843 (plus taxes and installation). Compared to the lifetime of Verde LED lights, Midway would be spending $215,616 to continue buying and replacing their existing light bulbs. Replacing their existing fluorescent lights with LEDs reduced their annual kWh usage from 1,135,043 KWH to 309,609 KWH for a net reduction of 825,434 KWH annually.


The Verde LED retrofit reduced 13 lamps from Midway Concessionaires’ total lamp count, which equates to $66,034 in annual energy savings. Verde reduced their lighting energy consumption by 825,434 KWH per year which is a reduction of 73%. Midway also saved $153,017 in re-lamping costs and $23,717 in maintenance costs.


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